Every single corporate event is different. You could be planning a conference, a quarterly results meeting, a seminar event, or perhaps an exhibition. No matter what you are planning we have the solution available for you. We can deliver either a custom built package to meet your requirements or you can choose from one of our turnkey starter packages. Every corporate client has a different request, but the most common comment we receive is “I want people to remember being at our event”. That’s a very simple request, we can turn a standard hotel meeting room into a very intimate setting which not only reinforces your brand but ensures you have the equipment and the tools available to deliver your message.


We can provide our clients with the ultimate live production solution as we can mix multiple professional camera feeds into one online video stream. This means you can access viewers around the world and deliver your message both effectively and securely. Our webcasting solution can be delivered in a wide variety of solutions; incorporating satellite streaming or ISP streaming.


We can design and build a stage for your event. The stage we deliver can help to reinforce your brand and excite your viewers. Our attention to detail means your event production will be the very best available. With a full lighting and sound production team available to you, we can ensure that what we deliver will turn our customers into fans. We do not settle for second best and it shows in our work.


We can build a stage design that you provide or we can design one for you at no additional cost. The stage is where your event takes place and will be the centre point for the entire conference. We can ensure that what we deliver is both effective and cost effective.

We provide both lighting and audio solutions at an effective price to all of our clients. Our range of equipment in both the lighting and sound fields grows with each advancement in the technology, meaning you get the very best available on the market. Our technicians have worked on a wide range of projects so they can provide you with just the right atmosphere that your event requires.

Webcasting or streaming is a popular method of broadcasting live video and audio in real-time, to audiences all over the world via the Internet or Satellite Feed. When viewing streaming media, there is no need to download the content before viewing. Its an effective approach to delivering your message to as many people as possible while remaining cost effective.

We have been working in event production for a very longtime. We have a combined experience of over 50 years in this industry; this means we really have heard every single query and request that customers ask us about. We can certainly help you on your event plans. Event production consulting is something we will deliver to you the moment you get in touch. We can advise you of the issues that need addressing and can help you deliver a solution to them.

We take great pride in what we do and we want you to deliver the very best of event on budget. So get in touch today.