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LED is a phrase we all hear everywhere now it seems! In the events industry, it really has become a big thing for the last few years..and you need to get smart about it!

But what is LED, what does it stand for? ..THAT DOES NOT MATTER TO YOU!, but what does matter is that you have a HD screen that can be built to suit your venue,  a giant TV that can be behind your keynote speaker, or can be multiple screens  in the room or on the stage, or outside in the carpark for when your guests arrive simply saying welcome!…my point is that it can be anything you want displaying anything you want.

“But the hotel room has a projector and screen built in” ….why would I need LED video screens?? This is one that we still hear from time to time, so to save time for you as the reader and me as the writer, I have compiled a short but smart list of reasons below:

. Our LED screens will work in the brightest of daylight, unlike a projector and screen

. Each construction is modular made up by panels that give you the freedom to build the size that suits

. Your video footage will transform into TV studio quality by means of the latest technology the world has to offer, opposed to everyone sitting with all the lights off and the curtains closed..that’s a bit out-dated!!

. Never having to apologise again to guests and keynote speakers about the quality of the projector (and getting back to my point in our audio blog about the hotel porter being your technician for the day..YIKES)

What are your requirements for a screen? To show video, powerpoint or a message from a CEO the other side of the world…. regardless of what you are showing, anything from staff training to the launch of a new Jumbo Jet…something you want to create a stir about, you must opt for quality and the guarantee of high production values….values that are representative of your company or organisation, values that support the reason why all these people are in the room at this time.

We provide our clients with visual technicians, a full pre-production service and camera operators… and our LED screens can be integrated with a solid set design crafted by our carpentry department…or just a screen if that is what you desire!

My reasons could go on forever, but you need to see this in action! And for the record LED stands for Light Emitting Diode 😉

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