Audio quality is the one thing that stands between you and a successful event. It is really that simple.. 

The most important messages in the world are only merely muffled noises if you do not take seriously the quality of your audio. We have been told too many times by clients that engage us for lighting or staging services that the hotel has a system in the room that they’re going to use, and they say this will be fine…..WRONG!

Put some thought into why you are doing this for a second, the people you will invite, and most of the all the message you want them to leave with. Imagine after all the planning, all the worries and fears…everything is going great as guests arrive, you feel finally confident that everything is falling into place! Your keynote speaker takes the stage with a wonderful message …but nobody can hear him? You speak to the hotel staff about this, you need a solution and you need it fast! Generally, a member of staff is appointed to sort it, and the first thing this person tells you is that they are just a porter and this is not his area of expertise…WHAT??????

This is not fiction by any stretch and is more fact than what you would imagine. The thing we hear time after time with new customers coming forward to us for help is that …and I quote “We held this event last year but the microphone was terrible”.  Of course, the microphone was terrible because the last time the microphone was used was 2 nights previous to your event at a wedding and an over enthusiastic best man dropped the mic on the floor during his impromptu rendition of My Way by the wonderful Frank Sinatra. 

Communication is key! Providing quality audio and visuals is what we do, much like if you want to go and have a meal that is not egg and chips at the local cafe, an experience that you can sit back enjoy, impress your company with the choice of vender..and relax in the knowledge that YOU made the correct decision.

Speak to one of our customer care team today, and simply tell us what you need…its good to talk, especially to the right person for the job. Its too late the morning of the be smart and think ahead…..TALK SOON 😉

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